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If you’re anything like me, you love the color pink! I think it is just such a fun color and it comes in so many variations. A millennial pink, a dusty rose, and even a baby pink all speak to me. When bringing color into your life and your home, it can be difficult to choose where it goes because of the fear it won’t look good in a few years. In this article, I have a few tips on how the stone and tile industry has seen pink brought into the house in the classiest and most long-lasting ways.

Pink Accent Walls

Accent walls are a great way to add character to a room without overpowering any other element. I think the best places for pink accent walls are in a breakfast nook or a bathroom around a stand-alone tub. In the breakfast nook, the accent wall can serve as artwork especially if using a patterned tile. In the bathroom on the other hand, it can act as a focal point for creating a serenity filled, spa-like environment.

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Pink Patterned Tile

Pink Patterned Tile is a great way to add color into your home without having a solid pink area that could overwhelm you with color. The most common uses of patterned tile are bathroom floors, laundry room floors, shower niches, and accents in backsplashes.

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Pink Backsplash

A common trend we have been seeing with pink as a backsplash is choosing a zellige inspired tile paired with a black or dark gray countertop. Zellige is a type of tile that has a somewhat subtle variation in shades between the different tiles. This creates an interesting range of shades while keeping the same overall color in a backsplash. Another option that is a little more timeless is pairing pink with white countertops. Whether you have a solid pink tile, or a pink tile with some white patterning, a white countertop is a great choice for you!

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Pink Showers

Using pink in your shower is similar to having a pink accent wall in the bathroom but can create a slightly different vibe. Using a solid color tile for your shower creates a more enclosed area which brings more color into the room and becomes more of a focal point in your design. Bonus: You can use pink tile for a cute little dog shower area.

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Pink with less commitment

What should you do if you want pink in your design, but are scared of commitment? The most common color palette including pink is black, white, and pink. Creating a black and white color palette with the more permanent design elements leaves room for an accent color to keep changing. View some examples below of black and white rooms with pink as an accent color.

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Pink Countertops

Creating a focal point with your countertops is another great way to use pink in your home. Below are some options such as Gemstone Rose Quartz, Norwegian Rose Marble, and Pink Onyx.

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Pink Moodboards

Now that you have some ideas on where pink would look good in your home, check out these awesome moodboards to inspire you!

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Photos courtesy of Artistic Tile, Bedrosians, Emser, Intercermaic, MSI, Original Mission Tile, Riad Tile, Somer Tile, TileBar, and Walker Zanger.