Granite Division Maintenance & Restoration

We want you to love your home and have the most rewarding living experience possible. That’s why our crew of experienced and qualified maintenance and restoration experts are here to bring your home back to the modern look and feel it deserves.

Many natural stone installation jobs, especially during the first major wave of the trend, were handled unprofessionally, by companies that cut corners wherever possible. You may have gotten a great deal on your installation, but it may have come at a far steeper price than you realized.

Here’s how you can tell if your kitchen, flooring, walls, or bathroom fixtures need maintenance or restoration:

• Are your sinks sagging?
• Are your seams separating?
• Is it still shiny?

If your natural stone isn’t quite what it once was or doesn’t live up to its initial promise, you could be facing a variety of issues. At Granite Division in Tyler, Texas, we are here to restore your natural stone surfacing and make it look good as new. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your maintenance and restoration needs.


  • Restore existing granite or marble countertops
  • Deep cleaning
  • Resealing
  • Surface polishing