We mass produce and ship beautiful commercial restroom sinks, and make your job easy! Granite Division has a manufacturing and production facility dedicated solely to commercial vanity projects. Our work is either to standard specifications or to your specifications, and you can find our work all over North America!

Double sink in restaurant restroom made by Granite Division from Tyler


Double sink in restaurant restroom made by Granite Division from Tyler Texas


Commercial vanities made by Granite Division from Tyler


We are proud to manufacture everything right here in the USA. Granite Division proudly employs over fifty talented and skilled Americans, and is never subject to trade sanctions because we do not manufacture or source anything from China. We can also resolve any issues with product in days, not months.

We do the job right and on time – every time!

Our production facility is built specifically for commercial projects, and it has a tremendous production capacity. We routinely process commercial orders of over 1000 vanities.

We make your job easy! Our production facility is tooled for standard 30/60/90 (1/2/3 sink) vanities, but we can mass produce the vanities to any other required specifications.

We produce our commercial vanities with quartz (we have are many colors and patterns available). Granite Division specializes in a mitered edge for commercial vanities. Our product is also shipped ready to install! Before shipping we cut and drill the sink and faucet holes. Sinks are shipped already attached to the countertop! Installation is easy, we ship anywhere, and our commercial vanities are same quality every time.

Our experienced team has a proven capacity to meet demand, and the logistical experience to ship all over the United States and Canada. Granite Division has produced various styles of commercial vanities for fast food restaurants, national and international retail stores, restaurant chains, and other businesses that use commercial vanities.

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Granite Division from Tyler routinely process commercial orders of over 1000 vanities