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Premium Granite & Tile Solutions for Longview

With so many stone and tile options out there, picking the right one for your project is challenging.

That's why Granite Division steps in to help. Our granite suppliers take the time to chat with you about your project and give you all the information you need to choose the best granite or tile. We search worldwide for products that require minimal maintenance, ensuring lasting beauty for years to come.

Elevate your home or commercial project with our curated selection of tile and granite options. Contact our Longview, TX, granite company today.

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Longview, TX, Custom Countertop Services

Explore a world of possibilities at Granite Division’s slab yard. We offer Longview, TX, natural and engineered stone. Natural stone has a unique beauty while engineered stone like quartz and porcelain have tons of unique patterns.

Our clients, like Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and top retailers across Texas and the United States, love our diverse selection of countertop materials.

Flooring Tile in Longview, TX

Granite Division is famous for our gorgeous countertops, but did you know we also have the largest tile and flooring collection in Longview, TX?

Our flooring tiles are made to handle tough challenges while staying stylish. Whether you want tile that looks like wood or the luxury of marble, we’ve got patterns to suit every style.

Don’t worry about scratches, stains, or fading. Our durable tiles are built for long-lasting performance in homes or busy commercial areas.

Flooring Tile Services:

Browse our selection to find the best tile flooring for your project.

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Backsplash & Wall Tile in Longview, TX

Revamp your kitchen or bathroom with our gorgeous wall tiles and backsplash tiles for Longview, TX.

Not only do they add extra style. Tthey also shield your walls from moisture and stains.

Choose from a wide range of designs, from modern to classic, all crafted with durable materials for easy maintenance.

Upgrade your kitchen backsplash tile or bathroom tile to give your kitchen a fresh look.

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Outdoor Tile in Longview, TX

Transform your outdoor living area with our premium outdoor tiles.

Designed to withstand the elements while still looking great, we provide:

Choose from a range of colors, patterns, and textures to create a customized look that fits your style.

Contact Granite Division serving Longview, TX, and we’ll help you find the best outdoor tile design for your space.

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Revive Your Natural Stone With Granite Division Maintenance & Restoration

Over time, sinks can start to sag and seams separate, making your home or commercial business look worn out. 

Contact Granite Division for granite maintenance and restoration services in Longview, TX.

Our services include:

Don't let old natural stone dull your home or business's appeal. Contact Granite Division Maintenance & Restoration to refresh your natural stone's surface.

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