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When building or remodeling a home, most people think of certain places to use tile. These include kitchen backsplashes, kitchen and bathroom floors, shower floors and walls, outdoor pavers, pools, and the occasional accent wall. What if I told you there were other places to use tile that you hadn’t thought of? Your house could be the talk of the town due to your choice in tile placements!

Shower Ceiling:

Yes, most people think of using tile in their shower, but most people neglect their shower ceiling. Shower ceilings can create a wonderful sense of separation and allow for a serene, spa-like environment.

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Sides of an island/bar:

A big trend recently has been to paint your island cabinets a different color than your perimeter cabinets. Typically, this is done to add color or intrigue into the overall design of the kitchen. Tile has always been a good alternative to paint when it comes to accent walls. Why not use tile as an alternative to a painted island?

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Recently, we have seen tiles used in combination with wood to add intrigue to an otherwise bland part of a house: stairs. Stairs are usually a neutral element of the home that are designed to be useful and not stand out. With the use of tile, design can be integrated into every element of the house. Below we see tiles placed on the front of the steps while keeping wood for the top of the steps. This is the most common way of tiles being integrated into stairs. We also see tiles being used as more of a focal point of stairs by placing them on the landings of a staircase. Either way, these stairs really elevate the design of the house.

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Photos Courtesy of Ann Sacks, Jefferey Court, Somer Tile, and TileBar.